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Water Treatment Questions for Midcoast Maine

Q. We are having issues with our water quality and we have never had water testing done. What is our first step?
A. We offer free onsite evaluations. During an evaluation, we will look at your water quality issues, test onsite for ferric and ferrous iron, manganese, pH, and hardness, check the smell and clarity of your water, look at the plumbing and space where a system may need to be installed, and if you would like us to take a sample to a state certified lab for other testing, we will do this also (lab fees are not included in free evaluation). We will provide you will an estimate for the type of system recommended to resolve your issues. Please contact us at 207-594-4947 or info@haskellwater.com to set up an appointment.

Q. We have our water test results and it shows we have issues with the quality of our water. What should we do?
A. We recommend contacting us for a free onsite evaluation along with providing us with a copy of your water test results. We will do an onsite water test for ferric and ferrous iron, manganese, pH, and hardness, check the plumbing and space where a system may need to be installed, and then we will be able to give you an estimate for a system that will best suit your needs. Please contact us at 207-594-4947 or info@haskellwater.com to set up an appointment..

Q. Currently, we have a water treatment system that Haskell’s Water Treatment did not originally install it for us, but we are looking for someone to service it. Is this something that Haskell’s Water Treatment will do?
A. Usually, we will service other systems if we can get parts for the system. It is best to set up a service call for us to check the system and we can let you know at that time, whether or not we would be able to maintain your system.

Q. Haskell’s Water Treatment installed a water treatment system in our home. What maintenance are we, as the homeowner, responsible for? What guarantees do you offer for the new water treatment system?
A. Please be sure the times are correct on your water treatment system if the power goes out for any length of time. If you have a softener system, it will use approximately one bag of salt per month and will need to have salt added to the brine tank on a regular basis. Your system is guaranteed for the first year and you have the option to renew the service agreement yearly. This includes a free annual renewal visit. If your system was installed to remove bacteria, arsenic, uranium, radon, etc., a follow up test will be taken approximately one week after the installation to ensure it is working properly. We recommend doing follow up testing again at the annual renewal visits (appropriate lab fee will apply).

Q. We have a new system that came with a free one year service agreement. What happens after the first year and what does it cover?
A. About a week before your service agreement ends, a new agreement will be mailed to you. Please call us at your convenience to arrange your annual renewal visit (free with an agreement). It covers all service calls, parts and labor, and in-house water testing (iron, manganese, pH, and hardness) to ensure system performance. Certain water treatment systems come with additional lab testing every two years, also. (Please contact us if you are unsure if your system qualifies.)

It does not cover salt, sacrificial mineral bed replacements (media, gravel, and distributor tube), or winterizations/spring hook-ups. We are not responsible for system replacement due to fire, flooding, freezing, or theft.

Q. We have a softener system; what type of salt should we use and how often do we need to add salt to the brine tank?
A. It is recommended to use the blue bags of salt. We keep them in stock, so you may purchase them at any time during business hours. Typically, a softener will use one bag of salt per month. You may add more than one bag at a time (for example: 3 bags added every 3 months, 4 bags added every 4 months, etc.). It is important to add salt to the brine tank on a regular basis. For our elderly or disabled customers who have a current service agreement, we offer automatic salt delivery. Please contact the office for more information.

Q. What supplies do you keep in stock for homeowners?
A. We keep salt, resup, and two sizes of cartridge filters in both string wound and carbon in stock.

Q. We have an iron filter or acid neutralizer; how often can we expect our system to last before the mineral bed needs to be replaced?
A. Although typically the iron filter mineral bed needs to be replaced every 3-5 years, each well water situation is different. Therefore, it depends on your specific quality of water, the volume of water being used regularly, etc. This is also true for an acid neutralizer and the media should be checked yearly.

Q. We had a power outage; how do we reset the times on our water treatment system (this is for backwashing systems only such as a softener, iron filter, acid neutralizer or carbon filter)?
A. Please click here for instructions on how to reset the times on your system..

Q. Our place is not a year round home and we winterize the house. How do we care for the filters when winterizing?
A. Please contact us for proper care of your system.

Q. Our water treatment system was installed for one of the following: arsenic, uranium, or radon. How often do you recommend retesting our water?
A. We recommend you ask us to retest your water at the annual renewal visit (appropriate lab fee may apply). If your service contract is current, lab testing would be at no charge every two years. If you have an arsenic system, it may come with test kits and we would call you to schedule an appointment when the kits arrive at our office. If you are unsure if this is the type of system you have, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Q. Our water test results showed that we are just under the state limit and we have decided not to treat our water at this time. Do you recommend retesting our water at a later date?
A. If your water test results were just under the state limit, we recommend retesting at a later date because your water may change and levels may fluctuate.

Q. We are selling our home and/or purchasing another home. Should we do a fully comprehensive water test including testing for radon?
A. Any time you are buying or selling a home, you should have the well water tested.

Q. We own a rental property, what are our responsibilities for treating water?
A. We highly recommend you contact the State of Maine for all questions related to rental properties.

If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (207) 594-4947 or info@haskellwater.com.


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