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The safest way to cure a water supply of a bacteria problem is to install a UV light. This system consists of an ultraviolet light inside a tube. The water travels through the tube, exposing the bacteria to the ultraviolet light. This kills the bacteria without the use of chemicals.

Since you cannot see, smell or taste bacteria, the UV unit has an alarm that will activate if the unit is not functioning properly. This will alert members of your household that the water may not be safe to drink.

The UV light does have a bulb that wears out over time. The bulb will need to be changed once every twelve months. If the bulb needs to be changed, the alarm will activate to notify you.

Water that travels through the UV light does need to be of certain quality in order for the unit to function properly. Because of this, if a UV light is needed, we may recommend pretreatment to remove turbidity, iron or manganese.

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