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Iron Filter System

If you have iron in your water, you will want to have an iron filter installed. The filter consists of a poly tank filled with gravel and media. A motor and timer on top of the tank control the whole process. The iron filter itself will remove ferric iron, (which makes the water appear brown or orange straight out of the faucet). If you have ferrous iron, or clear water iron, we will also need to install a micronizer.

A micronizer injects air into the water line forcing the ferrous iron to oxidize. Once the ferrous iron has oxidized, it becomes ferric, allowing the filter to remove it.

As your water passes through the bed of the filter, the iron in your water is attracted to the media particles inside the tank. The iron particles stick to the media inside the tank, removing them from the water before it exits the filter.

Eventually the media inside the tank becomes saturated with iron particles and needs to clean itself. This is where the motor and timer come into play. The timer is set to automatically backwash the filter every few days to clean out the media inside the tank. How often this needs to be done will depend on how much iron is in your water and what your daily usage is.

Iron filters require very little maintenance, but the media bed inside the tank does eventually wear out. The media will need to be replaced every 1-5 years, again depending in the level of iron and amount of water usage.

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