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Arsenic Removal System

If your water has been found to contain arsenic, we can treat it with an arsenic removal system. There are basically two types of arsenic removal systems -- a point-of-use filter and a whole-house treatment system. We install whole-house treatment systems.

Even at very low levels, arsenic has been linked to many degenerative diseases and the three deadliest forms of cancer. A whole-house system ensures that you eliminate exposure for you and your family. The arsenic system comes with a complete program that includes sampling, performance testing, technical support, and even disposal of spent media.

The system consists of a control panel, head, and two filter columns. Periodic samples will be taken before, between, and after the columns to ensure the water is arsenic free. If we find that arsenic is still coming through the first column, it is replaced. Meanwhile, the second column is still protecting your family. Sampling is usually done every nine months, depending on the particular chemistry of your water.
This service is included with the installation.

Due to the sensitivity of an arsenic treatment system, the water going into it must conform to certain guidelines. Because of this, other treatment equipment for iron, hardness or sediment may have to be installed.

If you have any questions regarding an arsenic treatment system, please feel free to call our office.

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