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Acid Neutralizer

If you have a low PH, also known as acidic water, an acid neutralizer will need to be installed. The system consists of a mineral tank with media inside, and a control head.

The mineral tank is filled with a layer of gravel on the bottom and a layer of neutralizer (usually crushed marble) on top. The neutralizer actually dissolves itself into the water, raising the PH. Because it is self-sacrificing, eventually more neutralizer media will need to be added. We recommend checking the level once a year.

An acid neutralizer also has some physical filtering capabilities. Impurities will collect in the filter bed before getting to your plumbing. The control head will be set to backwash the unit every few days to remove the impurities.

An acid neutralizer will slightly increase the level of hardness in a water supply, so if you already have moderately hard water, we may also recommend installing a water softener.

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